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What is Hey Foodie?

Hey Foodie is the fastest growing gastronomic company in LATAM. We license our virtual brands and our own technology to optimize your kitchen as much as possible.

After carefully selecting our operators, we offer delivery concepts such as Puerto Ceviche, Doha Doha, Mandala Mía, Tacos y cuates, Cada loco con su churro, T de tequeño, Leaf just salads, Buddha bowls, Aloha Poké, among others for diversify your business and supplement your income.

These concepts are based on data based on demand in different geographic areas and are designed exclusively for online ordering and delivery in delivery format. Unlike traditional models, our brand operating licenses are easy to implement, have no incorporation fees or commissions and can be available for sale in your restaurant in less than 7 days.

How does Hey Foodie work?


We create, manage, and grow the best virtual brands in the world


We take care of everything from marketing to customer service. You just cook.


Delivery services and applications take care of the last mile.


Every week we deposit your winnings.

  • Arturo Benavides
    Working with Hey Foodie allowed us to open on days when we used to close, especially in times of quarantine.
    Arturo Benavides
    Puerto Ceviche, Hey Foodie Franchise
  • Jorge Muñoz
    Our sales actually increased from day one of implementation. It was all very easy and simple.
    Jorge Muñoz
    Doha Doha, Hey Foodie Franchise
  • Claudia Sanchez
    I was surprised! In 72 hours we were already working with all delivery platforms. Before we only worked with one.
    Claudia Sanchez
    Cada Loco con su Churro, Hey Foodie Franchise

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Traditional franchises require a large initial investment. To start working with Hey Foodie, you do not require an initial investment.

We are the leading virtual kitchen company in the region. We have a team of experts to face the challenges that your kitchen has. Hey Foodie was built around a simple, low-cost, and exceptionally flexible compliance partnership model.